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Payment Processing


Please read our policies if you live outside of the USA.


For international orders, we can only ship to your billing address. Therefore, the shipping and billing addresses must match.


Depending upon our past experience with shipping to your country, you may or may not be offered the First-Class or Priority Mail options. These options are only used in instances where little issues have arisen with successful delivery of packages. For Internatioal orders, you MUST add additional days to any estimated transit time provided to domestic selections to account for export travel and customs processing. Note that First-Class International offers no tracking capability and Priority Mail International provides limited tracking capabilities (typically only providing info up to the USA export date): both of these shipping options may be offered or removed without notice of change. However, we do ship Express mail international (EMS) to all countries as EMS is the only US Postal Service method that provides detailed tracking information. To repeat: If you do not have your order shipped by EMS, we can not accurately track your package and are not able to provide you with any further information after if leaves our post office / country.

We ship promptly, typically within 1 - 3 business days of when the order was placed unless the items are custom-made orders which may take a day or two longer to make. Please be advised that in some cases, your package may sit in the customs office in your country for a few days before they process and release it to your local postal agency for delivery. The amount of time it takes to process through customs and then be delivered by your local postal service varies per country.

Package Delivery: We can only control the timing of when a package is shipped from our store and have no influence or control over the delivery of your package once it leaves our possession. The US Postal System has no influence outside of the USA beyond the delivery of the package to your country's customs office. Therefore, if your package gets held in your country's customs office and is not released automatically to your local postal delivery service, then it is YOUR responsibility for contacting your customs office or your local post office to arrange for delivery or pickup. Since we do not have any access or control over the postal delivery services of your country, we cannot contact your local agencies on your behalf to expedite any processing or deliveries they may perform.

Shipping Costs: Shipping costs are automatically calculated by the ordering system and are determined by the combined weight of the items being purchased and the destination of the package. The shipping cost associated with each shipping option available is displayed during the checkout process before you enter any payment information - this allows you to determine the shipping costs prior to any payment actually being made and you can cancel at any time. Since you cannot accidentally place an order with our system, this means that you have the ability to add items to (and remove items from) your basket/cart repeatedly so that you can adjust your order to see how it affects your shipping cost and as stated, you can cancel out at any time prior to payment being submitted if you decide not to order with us. This allows you to determine at your convenience which shipping method and cost works best for you or if you need to reprioritize the items you seek to purchase. We are one of the few businesses that do not add handling and shipping fees to our customers orders and we do our best to keep shipping costs down, so if we determine at the time of shipment labeling that you were automatically charged by the system's calculations excessively more for shipping than it actually costs us to ship, we will issue a shipping adjustment refund to you.

Customs, Duties and Fees: The customs, duties and other fees assessed as being due are determined by the rules of the country that an item is being sent to. They are not determined by, nor are they paid to, the United States Postal Service when an item is mailed and therefore, we have no control or regulation over them. All items entering a foreign country are subject to customs inspection and any assessment or addition of duties, taxes, and fees in accordance with that country's national laws, each country having its own regulations. Customs duties, taxes and/or additional fees are assessed, generally, if the item sent is dutiable and if the value of the item is above the threshold set by that country's laws. If the recipient is in doubt to the validity of any duty or fee assessment, they should check with their custom's service or their local postal service for a more detailed explanation of when these duties or fees are enacted.

Invoice Information: We list the items being shipped and their costs as accurately as we can in the limited amount of space that is provided on the invoice and may combine like items to enable us to account for them all. We appreciate not being asked to intentionally misrepresent the value or contents of your package. Since we ship packages overseas on a daily basis (and hope to keep doing so for a long time), we adhere strictly to this policy and will not make any exceptions. To break that policy would place our company in a situation that could cause us both legal violation fines and revoke our rights to export to your country.

Shipping Restrictions: We cannot ship Glues or Adhesives internationally so if you select such an item during your purchase, you will not be provided with any shipping options until you remove the Glue/Adhesive from your cart/basket. Once the restricted item is removed, the shipping options available to you for the rest of your order will appear during resumption of the checkout process.


We offer the following payment methods - credit card, paypal and bank transfer.

1. Paypal - this is the preferred method and the easiest to process a refund to should the need arise.

2. Credit card - For Visa or Mastercard, please attempt to use the regular Visa or Mastercard payment methods first. If you get an AVS mismatch error and you are sure that your address is correct, then go back to the payment selection page and select the Visa International or Mastercard International options. For credit card payments, if your total is over $100, please fax a photocopy or imprint of your credit card to: 00 1 866 354-6896. Alternately, you may mail the photocopy to the address below:

The Satin Cord Store
5130 Abel Lane
Jacksonville, FL 32254

Please understand that this is for your protection as well as ours. If you make multiple orders, it is not necessary to fax your credit card on subsequent orders. Once we have seen your card imprint, we will make note of the last 4 digits and shred the card information.

A note about credit card payments: Credit card companies will put a temporary authorization on your card when you attempt make a credit card payment. For some companies, this authorization will appear whether the card payment is successful or declined. Therefore, if you have one declined charge and one successful charge, you may see two charges on your credit card. The temporary authorization will expire in a day or two and your card will not actually be charged. Please contact us if you want to confirm that you were only charged one time for your order, but in most cases, the temporary authorization will expire in a day or two.

3. Bank transfer - please select the option to phone in your payment information and contact us for bank information.


When you order from outside your own country, you agree to the risk that your package could become lost within the shipping system. That being said, it is extremely rare that a package is really lost. In most cases, the package will eventually arrive at its destination after it has sat in your customs office or in your local post office for a few days. Once notified, we can provide any general shipping information available that may or may not indicate when the package arrived in your country and if it was accepted or refused. Detailed shipping information of the package's current location should be available if you selected the Express Mail shipping option. Since we do not have any access or control over the postal services of your country, we cannot contact your local agencies on your behalf to expedite any processing or deliveries they may perform.

In the event that your package is truly lost, we must be notified within 60 days of when the order was placed to give us enough time to contact our postal services and initiate an investigation which will, in turn, allow us to process an insurance claim before the window of opportunity to do so expires at 90 days. We are required to wait 45 days after we notify our postal service until we can apply for insurance reimbursement to allow them time to complete their investigation and make a ruling. We will re-ship at the time that we can apply for reimbursement. If you would like us to re-ship before that time, you will be billed for a second order and we will issue a refund for the first order when we receive the insurance payment. If the first package does arrive in the meantime, you may either return it to us at your expense or keep both packages, in which case, you have paid for both orders.

"Lost" Packages Returned - Since we have no access to the postal services of your country, if your package is returned to us by your local shipping agency, we will notify you and then it is your responsibility to contact them to determine why they returned the package instead of delivering it to you. Only your direct contact with your local agency can determine this and perhaps prevent it from occurring again on other deliveries to you. When we notify you, you may choose to have the order re-shipped or refunded if such actions have not already taken place.
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