Multistrand Necklace Tutorial
How to make your own Multi Strand Necklace

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The multistrand necklaces are really popular now and sometimes you need a color or length that isn't commercially available. This tutorial tells how to make your own multistrand necklace.

I was making one of these yesterday at the bench and just grabbed the camera as I worked, so excuse the 'jewelry artist' fingernails!

You will need:

- 49-strand (.024") beading wire (this is the most flexible and will have the best drape. If the wire is too stiff, the necklace doesn't lay well in the back (not good for ladies with short hair).

- 5 X 7mm cord ends FCE-W6064 or FCE-Y6063

- 2-part epoxy

You can use different size cord ends and wire as weil - you will just need to use a different amount of wire.

Multi Strand Necklace Tutorial

1. Measure the wire to the length you will need. Be sure to measure all strands to the same length (the necklace will only be as long as the shortest strand).

For the 5 X 7 cord ends, you will need 26 strands of the 49-strand (.024") wire.

If you are using different cord ends or wire sizes, you will have to test to see how many wires will fit into the cord end.

Multi strand necklace tutorial

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2. Tape the wires together and cut the loops on one end.

Tutorial for making a multistrand necklace


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3. Make sure all the wires are the same length.
Making a multi strand necklace
4.Put tape around the cord around 5mm from the end (this is the depth of the cord end). I also put tape around the cord end to make cleanup easier. If you fold one end of the tape, it's easier to get it off.
cord ends for multistrand necklace
5. Mix 2-part epoxy with a toothpick. Mix very well - at least a minute.
Mixing epoxy for multistrand necklace
6.Use a new toothpick to deposit epoxy inside the cord end. I also put some epoxy directly onto the tip of the necklace cords, making sure all the individual wires are saturated.
How to make a multistrand necklace

7. Place the cord end on the end of the necklace.


Multistrand necklace tutorial  Before putting on the second cord end, check the size of your bail. If the cord end won't fit through it, this would be a good time to put the pendant on the necklace!
8. Spread the cords out and make sure they are all straight and not twisted around each other.
Multistrand cable necklace tutorial
9. Tape the ends and cut off flush. Make sure the wires are all laying right. Glue the other cord end on.
Multistrand cable necklace tutorial
Multi wire strand necklace tutorial
10. Allow the necklace to sit overnight without disturbing it. Remove the tape.    
11. Add a pendant if you did not already do this, and add a clasp. Viola ! You have a beautiful new necklace!
Multi Strand Necklace Tutorial