Chinese Knotting Info and Tips

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What type of cord to use

2 mm or larger cord works best. Otherwise the knots are small and more difficult to work with. The best cords to use are the nylon 2mm cord or the rayon heavyweight #2 cord. If you are just starting out, nylon cord is a little easier to work with and a little more forgiving. After you have a little experience, you can't beat the rayon cord for pretty knots!

Fortifying the ends

If you're going to be tying more than a few knots, fortify the ends of the cords with Super Glue or tape. It will make it easier to thread the cord through the loops.

To secure knot ends, singe the ends with a flame for nylon cord. For rayon cord, use a drop of Super Glue or GS Hypo Cement.

Hiding the ends

To hide cord ends, use a needle to thread the ends down through the knots. Use a yarn needle with a large eye and a rounded point (a needle with a sharp point will poke into the knots and make it impossible to get the cord where you want it).


Cord Length Guidelines

Cord Lengths needed for various necklaces

Necklace with sliding button knots and single decorative knot above pendant:  approximately 32" - 38”.  (You should allow around 24" - 28" for the necklace to go over your head). 

17” - 18” necklace with button knots or snake knots:  approximately 130” each (or around 3 1/2 yards) of two cords.

Cord Lengths needed for knots

(measurements are for 2mm cord and vary according to your stress level.  Always add a little extra allowance):

Button knot (Single strand):   3 ½”  

Flat button knot:   3 ½ “

Two button knots for adjustable necklace:    7 ½” 

Cross knot:        1 ½”

Double coin knot:       2”

Button knot(two strands):     4” (2” per cord)

1” of Button knots(two strands) (4 knots per inch of necklace):   16”  (8” per cord)    

1” of Snake knots (6 rows per inch of necklace):  10”  (5” per cord)

Snake Knots:      approximately 50 knots per 8”